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Future Design Plans

Future Design Plans

So future plans include a 4th redesign of the site! I've got about 4 notices of how the design sucks. Due to time constraints, it will be some time before the design is implemented. Please, if you have any suggestion or complaint about this or the previous designs, tell me or post in the Boards! Your opinion is very much appreciated! Also: I will be posting previews of the future designs and asking for your opinions via the Polls. Some things that will be fixed in the next design:

  • Abandoning of the background image. This, I am unsure of.
  • Separating the sections to their own individual designs. That's right. No more sharing of common designs throughout the whole site. Each section will have it's own design to signify the section's emphasis.
  • Reducing the amount of images used per page. This should also solve those bandwidth problems.
  • Improving the Navigation. The current navigation is too squeezed. Each section will have it's own style of navigation.
  • Restructure of the home pages. Currently every section is using home.html as its home page, this will be changed to index.html.
  • Changing the guestbook image at the bottom to a text link.
  • Redesign of the main logo that you see at the splash page.
  • Redesign of the interface for all sections (includes the top title bars and borders)
  • Reorganisation of Laughter HELL! sections as some sections have too much.
    • Renaming of the Ah Beng Sections to Singapore Jokes.
  • Numbering of Laughter HELL! Images (internal)
  • Reorganisation of the display of downloads for the games sections (like changing the image to a text link)
  • More coming . . your suggestions will be added here too

Visitor's Suggestions

  • Will I think you should first have a look at and secondly for the menus, have a bar at the top of the page (the very top) and have it just say catugories like Games Jokes,ect and when the user movers the mouse over it they pop down with nice long list of stuff. Small Scripts that can do this are on

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