Who is Better

Two gods, Karbara and Mula (fictious names), were arguing with each other on who is the most famous in the human community. The arguing continued all day and night. Since they could not come to a decision, they agreed on a simple plan.

They saw two trees in the park with a walking path between them. Karbara will tie a thin strong string between the trees so that if anyone walks on the walkway, they're doomed to fall. The test here is the name of the god the person will shout when the person trips.

The first guy came along, and tripped on the string and cried "Oh Karbara!". Karbara gave a smile to Mula who gave back a rude face.

The second guy came along, tripping on the string and cried "Oh Mula!". Mula gave a smile to Karbara who gave back a rude face.

The third guy came along, and tripped on the string and cried "Which idiot put this string here?".


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