Pissed Off Experience

A man walks into a bar, ordered a double, leaned over the counter and said to the bartender. "I'm so pissed off man."

"Oh yea? What happened?" asked the bartender politely.

"See, I met this beautiful woman who invited me back to her home. We were just about to have sex when her husband came in the front door. So I had to jump out of the bedroom window and hang from the ledge by my fingernails. I didn't even dare look down!"

"Gee, that's tough!" said the bartender.

"Right, but that's not all," the customer went on. "When her husband came into the room, he said, 'Hey great! You're already naked! Let me just take a leak.' And he pissed out of the window right onto my head!"

"Euww!" the bartender shook his head. "No wonder you're in a lousy mood."

"Yea, but there's more. After they had finished, her husband tossed his condom! ! ! out of the window. And where does it land? Right on my forehead!"

"That really sucks!" exclaimed the bartender in disbelief.

"Oh, I'm not finished. Turns out their toilet was broken, so her husband stuck his ass out of the window and let loose right on my head!"

The bartender groaned, "What a screwed up day man!"
"Yea, yea, yea," the fellow rattled on, "but do you know what really, really pissed me off?
When I looked down, I saw that my feet were only six inches off the ground!"


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