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Mage Spells in Planescape Torment by Camille van den Berg

List of Mage spells found in Planescape: Torment
The origin is mentioned after the -; no origin mentioned means it can be bought 
from spell merchants.
1 (reign of anger of Dak'kon) (tongues of flame of Ignus) armor blindness chromatic orb fist of iron friends identify magic missile minor embalming - Emoric missile of patience - Dak'kon pacify scripture of steel - Dak'kon seething flames - Ignus shield submerge the will - Dak'kon vilquar's eye - Dak'kon 2 adder's kiss - Grimoire black-barbed curse - Ravel blood bridge blur greater embalming - Emoric, Crust Prison horror ice knife Ignus' terror - Ignus infernal orb - Ignus knock luck power of one - Dak'kon strength swarm curse 3 (fiery rain of Ignus) axe of torment - secret tomb, buy Keldor balance in all things - Dak'kon ball lightning cloak of warding Elisium's tears hold undead infernal shield- Ignus Tasha's u.d. laughter vampiric touch Zerthimon's focus - Dak'kon 4 (elemental strike of Ignus) blacksphere - Ravel confusion force missiles improved strength remove curse - buy Mebbeth?, Fhjull shroud of shadows - Emoric 5 cloudkill - buy Vrishika cone of cold desert hell - Ebb Creakness (Carceri) Enoll Eva's duplication - Nordom (clockwork junk) fire and ice - Festhall (own room) 6 chain lightning storm - Fhjull, buy Keldor, buy Quell globe of invulnerability - Fhjull 7 acid storm - Fhjull blade storm - Fhjull, buy Quell Stygian ice storm - Fhjull 8 death bolt - adm. building Carceri, wish scroll Mechanus' cannon - Rubikon meteor storm bombardment - Kyse (Carceri) power word-blind - buy Splinter, Honeycombe 9 abyssal fury - Kitla (Crust) celestial host - Trias power word-kill - grimoire, wish scroll (conflagration of Transcendent One, level unknown) Notes: - spells that can't be learned are mentioned in brackets, like reign of anger of Dak'kon and 3 spells of Ignus. - Some places to buy spells: Mebbeth, Lower Ward market place, Skeleton Merchant (Living Dead) Emoric if you're Dustman, Keldor if you're Godsman, Splinter, Lady Honeycombe, Quell (private sensorium) - origin 'grimoire' means the grimoire of Pestilential Thought, found on Mantuok. - origin 'wish scroll' means the ancient scroll found in the warehouse of Crust, in Carceri, at coordinates 394, 284. If you have any additions to this list, please mail to Have fun, Camille van den Berg

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