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How to do a Full Install by Becker

1) Make a directory called "ptdisk" or whatever. This step isn't really required, but it's nice to keep things organized.

2) Place a disk (2, 3, or 4) into your CD-ROM bay. The first CD has already been copied onto your hard drive with the initial install

3) Copy and paste the -entire- CD disk into ptdsik.

3a) repeat 2 and 3 for the other disks as required. Do NOT put all disks in the same directory! There should be a c:\ptdisk\cd2\, c:\ptdisk\cd3\, and a c:\ptdisk\cd4\

4) Using Notepad edit your torment.ini file. It should be something like: c:\program_files\blackisle\Torment\torment.ini

4a) save the "torment.ini" file as "Tormentini.old". Again, you don't need to do this, but it's a wise precaution.

5) edit the lines to point to the new location:


DISK2 = D:\CD2

6) Remember the game will *still* ask for CDs every now and then as a form of verification that you actually bought the game and aren't just trading disks with your cousin Stewie. Notice that the little light on the CD-ROM bay isn't going blinky-blink when new areas are being loaded.
Thats a good sign.

7) Bask in your own glory. You are a computer god!

8) Play the game. Kill some cranial rats for me.

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