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Planescape Torment > Useful Files

Patch 1.1

Planescape Torment Patch 1.1

Fixes one helluva bugs. Be sure to run this if you want to run the game with maximum efficiency and fun! Hosted on my own servers.

(3.29 MB)

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Useful Misc. Files

ACM Converter to WAV

This nifty little utility does a good job with converting ACM files to WAV playable sound files.

(53.8 KB)

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Infinity Explorer

This really useful file will let you extract the Pictures, and almost anything that is inside the core files in games using the Bioware engine. Grab it now!

(510 KB)

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Planescape Torment 1.1 Complete Full Install

Crack. This will stop the message of asking you to insert Disc 2 whenever you play the games. Use it legally! Works only for US versions (as stated).

(8.29 KB)

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Planescape Torment Exocet Font (and other similar fonts)

Use this font to make your designs appear scary. This file has the true-type font used in Diablo and Planescape Torment.

(113 KB)

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