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Ultima VII: The Black Gate > Cool Files


Midi Music Complied by Telavar

All of the Ultima VII Midi Music is complied in one Zip file! Listen to the Country folk music, Fellowship Theme as you work.

(108 KB)

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Introduction Speech

Re-recorded in Real Audio format, this file, when played, plays the Guardian speech  in the introduction of Ultima VII: Black Gate.

(95.9 KB)

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Speech Extractor by Gary Thompson

This program will extract all audio speech files in Ultima 7. The speech files are all of the Guardian. (Who else?)

(7.91 KB)

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Cool Add-ons

Avatar Image Changer by Chas

This little program will allow you to swap the Avatars graphics with those of several other types of game character: a Dragon, a Paladin, a Guard, and Death himself. Grab it now!

(31.5 KB)

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Magical Flying Cart By Chas

This little patch will change the magic carpet in Ultima VII to a flying CART!! Ha ha, you have got to try it to believe this!

(1.96 KB)

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Kataba-Aja Island Add-on by Dharma Dragon and Gary Thompson

You need Forge of Virtue for this to work. This will make a small modification to the Ultima VII files, giving you a island of goodies and more!

(87.3 KB)

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Super Character Member Save Game by Eicholt

For a totally cool new game, this save game is created. I have not tested it yet, but it sure sounds great.

(247 KB)

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Super Character Member Save Game 2 by Rick Maruottolo

When you load this save game, the only thing different is the fact that all characters that can join you have high points for all three attributes. Also there is a BIG pile of goodies on the dock outside of Trinsic.

(192 KB)

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Game Extracts

Runic Alphabet and Ophidian Alphabets

Gives you the translation of a English letter to a runic or ophidian language.

(13 KB)

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Books by Underworld Dragon

This document has all the books in the game Ultima VII in editable HTML form. Like Algner's Records and other books.

(121 KB)

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Transcript by Underworld Dragon

Ever wanted to know what each of the NPCs in Ultima VII speaks in whole? This file has the speech text of every character (with FOV) of how they respond when asked questions like "name" "job" or "bye" and others.

(318 KB)

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