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Ultima VII Serpent Isle > Cool Files

Sounds & Video

Ultima VII General MIDI music support Patch by Newton Dragon

This will upgrade your copy of Ultima VII to support General MIDI music if your sound card supports it.

(212 KB)

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Ultima VII Midi Music Complied by Telavar

All of the Ultima VII Midi Music is complied in one Zip file! Listen to the Serpent Gate music or  Stones as you work. Download it Now!

(30.3 KB)

Download this!

Ultima VII Speech Extractor by Gary Thompson

This program will extract all audio speech files in Ultima 7 but has not been tested with Serpent Isle. Be warned.

(7.51 KB)

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Ultima VII Introduction AVI Video

This video was originally planned to be released with Serpent Isle but was shortened because of the file size. Here's your chance for the Serpent Isle Demo!

(4.38 MB)

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Cool Add-Ons

Serpent Isle Savegame Maps by Sting

This zip file comes with two save games for providing "2 really cool games plus an awesome castle".

(523 KB)

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Ultima VII Avatar Image Changer by Chas

This little program will allow you to swap the Avatars graphics with those of several other types of game character: a Dragon, a Paladin, a Guard, and Death himself. Grab it now! I'm not sure whether this is for Serpent Isle, so be warned.

(31.5 KB)

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Game Extracts

Runic Alphabet and Ophidian Alphabets

Gives you the translation of a English letter to a runic or ophidian language.

(13 KB)

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Serpent Isle Cheat Menu Items List by Houston Dragon

Tells you what number to press to create a certain item using the cheat menu. Includes Silver Seed add-on items as well.

(44.5 KB)

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Serpent Isle Books by Underworld Dragon

This document has all the books in the game Ultima VII in editable HTML form.

(308 KB)

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