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Ultima VII: Serpent Isle > Cool Stuff & Humor


Pretty Fly for a Good Guy

A tale where the Guardian, Avatar and others dance while talking about stuff related to Ultima.

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Shamino: Warrior Princess by Paladia Dragon

A made-up story by Paladia Dragon about Shamino who became a Warrior Princess and lots of humorous scenes here too.

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The Silver Seed - Starless and Bible Black By JP Morris

Latest released from Doug the Eagle. How to solve Serpent Isle using the bugs here and there! Updated 31 Oct 2001.


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Serpent Isle: Cosmic Balancing Act By JP Morris

Very humorous information on Ultima VII. This is a MUST for every Ultima VII fan to see. Updated 27 Oct 2001.

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Further Drug Experiments By JP Morris

Latest released from Doug the Eagle. Check it out, you'll break your chair laughing! Updated 27 Oct 2001.

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What a Ultima Addict Will Really Do by Voluptalbilis Dragon

This text file gives humorous details of what a real Ultima fan addict should be doing.

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Miscellaneous Files

A History of Britannia by Zac Bond

Tells you all the history of the whole Ultima Series from Akalabeth to Shattered Galaxy. Short and Sweet, check it out!

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The Sims Ultima Characters

The Ultima series is attracting a lot of fan work for various other games, and this is one of them, the Avatar you see in Ultima IX is also included.

(973 KB)

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Railroad Tycoon II Map

A fan work map for Railroad Tycoon II players.

(309 KB)

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Warcraft II PUD Map by Vulcan Dragon

The Avatar has returned from the land of Pagan to find himself on the
Isle of the Avatar to find Britannia under chaos, it's up to you to solve this.

(20.4 KB)

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Quake Ultima level

The Guardian has teleported the Avatar(from Ultima) to the Quake world. Now its your job to get him out. A fan Quake level.

(45.3 KB)

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Gargoyle Language Font and Avatar Logo Font (Micro Dragon)

The gargoyle language font and the font used to create the logo for Ultima series is here. Also includes other Ultima related fonts. Grab it now!

(229 KB)

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Serpent Isle Box Scans

Ever wanted to know how to original box looked like? Here are the scans of it, front and back.

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Warren Spector's Gaming Talk

This text file is an interview by GameBytes magazine with Warren Spector, the producer of Serpent Isle. Find out about him and what he thought of Serpent Isle here.

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Richard Garriot's ( Also Known as Lord British) Gaming Talk

This text file relates about Richard's life, how he started in starting the Ultima Games.

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Ultima StoryLine FAQ

When one plays any of the Ultima game, questions may arise that do not pertain so much to how to solve the game in particular but to more to try to make sense of some of the inconsistencies that exist within the story line between each game. This document will answer them.

(39.6 KB)

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Serpent Copy-Protection Answers

Is this a cool file? Nope, I don't think so. But since it is EVEN in the Old Ultima Archives (hosted by Origin), then there shouldn't be any problem here too. This document gives the answers to the questions asked including Serpent Isle.

(20.1 KB)

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Ultima Win95/98 Plus! Theme Pack by Micro Dragon

Enhance your desktop with your favourite Ultima game. Hear the sound of the Guardian when an error occurs.

(2.32 MB)

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