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Ultima VII: Serpent Isle > Hints & Tips

Hints, Tips and Informations

Ultima VII Black Gate/Serpent Isle Bugs by Ganesh

Latest addition. Bugs of the Black Gate and the Serpent Isle. Work in progress.

(20 KB)

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Serpent Teeth Locations

A file showing the locations of the serpent teeth in Serpent Isle.

(14.9 KB)

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Ultima VII Tips and Easter Eggs by Tim Turner

A  document of useful information of Ultima VII plus other games. Provides lots of things you may not know in the game. Has lots of information and neatly organised. TEXT file.

(39.1 KB)

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Ultima Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven

Serpent Isle Easter Eggs. Tells you how to activate the endgame scene without finishing the game plus a couple of easter eggs.

(15.8 KB)

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Ultima Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven

Another Easter Eggs of the Ultima games. This document provides all the eggs in the Ultima Series. Has lots of eggs though for Ultima VII.


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Serpent Isle FAQ

Got a question? Check out this FAQ which could quickly bring your doubts to a stop. 

(19 KB)

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Adam's Serpent Isle Tips and more

Containing some tips and the locations of where your items taken by the lightning are found, it comes complete with a map of the Serpent Gates.

(21.3 KB)

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Serpent Isle Hints and Tips by Origin

Answers 5 most-asked common questions for Serpent Isle. Extracted from Origin's Website. 

(15 KB)

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Ultima VII Tips and FAQ by Jeff Abramson

This document contains Hints and Tips to get the game going. It also has references to Serpent Isle, but, also comes with the FAQ, which may answer your questions.

(23.4 KB)

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Ultima VII : Serpent Isle Books & Scrolls by Underworld Dragon

Ever wanted to keep books of Serpent Isle in your finger tips instead of your memory? Grab this document and print it out! Has every book and scroll found in the game.

(308 KB)

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Cheat Files

Cheat Menu Information and Item List by Fallible Dragon

Tells you what number to press to create a certain item using the cheat menu. 

(34.7 KB)

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Serpent Isle Cheat Menu Items List by Houston Dragon

Tells you what number to press to create a certain item using the cheat menu. Includes Silver Seed add-on items as well.

(44.5 KB)

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Ultima 7 Create Light Cheat by Nelno the Amoeba

Creates permanent light in Serpent Isle. No more nights! 

(31.5 KB

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Ultima VII Cheat Mode Polymorph Chart by Whyte Tyger Dragon

If you want to change, say Lucilla, to a goblin using the cheat mode, this text file tells you what number to press for that sprite.

(20.5 KB)

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Ultima VII Cheat Room Location

Tells you the Cheat room location and the cheat code to get access to Serpent Isle's secret menus. 

(13.9 KB)

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Ultima VII SaveGame Character Editor by Lord Empire Dragon

This file, which comes with Universal Game Trainer, allows you to change you and your party members' attributes. It also supports the whole Ultima Series (I-VIII) and Underworlds (I, II). 

(153 KB)

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Ultima VII Cheat Mode Guide by Adam

This document explains how to start the cheat mode and also ID numbers of useful items, descriptions of them and more.

(32.8 KB)

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