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Ultima VII: Serpent Isle > Manuals

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format Manuals

Ultima VII: Serpent Isle & Silver Seed Official Documentation

This is the original guide to playing the Complete Ultima VII Part 2 which is the Serpent Isle and Silver Seed. Includes original images, lines and words. Comes with "Behind the Serpent Pillars" book,  other documentation and map. Download it now!

(2.29 MB)

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Ultima VII Serpent Isle Spells by Ultimate Red Dragon

Contains all the spells, names and even the description of the reagents. Similar to the PDF manual, but converted.

(47.1 KB)

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Serpent Isle Maps

Ultima VII Serpent Isle Map

Scanned version of the map. High Quality Guaranteed.

(61.9 KB)


Ultima VII Serpent Isle Map 2

This map was screen-shot from the game and English text was added to pinpoint places like the Gorlab Swamp, Moonshade and more!

(68.1 KB)


Copy-protection Bypassers

Ultima VII Copy-Protection Answers

Is this a cool file? Nope, I don't think so. But since it is EVEN in the Old Ultima Archives (hosted by Origin), then there shouldn't be any problem here too. This document gives the answers to the questions asked in Serpent Isle.

(20.1 KB)

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