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Ultima VII: Serpent Isle > Music

MIDI Music

Here are the Ultima VII MIDI files. They sound best in a 32 Voice sound card or better. However, if you are stranded with just a 16 bit Sound Blaster or compatible card, then you can listen to the MP3s, which quite sound better than the MIDIs.

Click 'n' play any music you want:

Monks Theme
The Ophidian Scroll
The Dark Path
Serpent Theme
Gwani Theme
Conversation with Gwenno
Batlin's Theme
Bane's Theme
Wall Of Lights
Dupre's Death
Ophidian War
Endgame Music

You can also download all the above MIDIs here:Download this! 

MP3 Music (Including Serpent Isle)

All songs/mp3s here are Copyright Origin Systems 1992, 1993.

FEATURED: Bren Venable Stones with Singer

Stones song with a male singer, quite nice to hear too.

(2.31 MB)

Download this!

Another award needs to be given out for this one! This Stones remix has a rocky tune, and well, as good as Grotto Dragon's. Download it NOW!

(2.41 MB)

Download this!
FEATURED: Stones REMIX by Grotto Dragon

Grotto Dragon needs to be given a Musician award for this! Awesome remix done by him. You MUST download this!

(3.54 MB)

Download this!
Ultima IV Towns Veramocor REMIX

Submitted by a ultima fan, this is the remix of the Ultima IV Towns.

(1.92 MB)

Download this!
Ultima V Greyson's Tale REMIX

Submitted by a ultima fan, this is the remix of the Ultima V Greyson's Tale.

(834 KB)

Download this!

The ever-popular Stones Music. This music is played immediately at the beginning. This has just got to be the first mp3 of any Ultima VII  music list.

(1.75 MB)

Download this!
Combat Music

This music contains Dead Bodies, Fighting, Danger Lurking and more.

(3.73 MB)

Download this!
Non Combat Music - #1

Contains the Passion Play, Love Music and a variety of all other gentle mp3s.

(2.59 MB)

Download this!
Non Combat Music - #2

Contains the Gamble Den Music, Baths music, Camp and lots more!

(2.13 MB)

Download this!
Crematorium & Fellowship Music

This music plays when you enter the Crematorium, Fellowship Hall, or meeting area. 

(1.89 MB)

Download this!
Dead Bodies Music & Wall's of Lights Music

Approach a abandoned house (Like Gwenno's house and this music plays. Also includes the Music when Batlin tried the Walls of Lights.

(1.74 MB)

Download this!
Magic Carpet Music

When you fly the magic carpet, this music plays.

(1.32 MB)

Download this!
Bane's Theme / Shamino the Amoral

As the title says, this music, from Serpent's Isle, is played when encountering the Banes or Shamino.

(1.71 MB)

Download this!
Conversation with Gwenno

When, in Serpent Isle, you talk with Gwenno, this music plays. One of the best musics in Ultima VII.

(1.55 MB)

Download this!
Emps & Gwani Music

Personally, I think the Emps and Gwani theme just isn't worth the talk but here is the Emp and Gwani Theme anyway.

(1.41 MB)

Download this!
Dupre's Death Music

This piece of music is played when Dupre kills himself in Serpent Isle which is to sacrifice himself instead of the Avatar.

(1.53 MB)

Download this!

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