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Ultima VII: Serpent Isle > Screenshots


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All these screen shots are of actual size, not thumb nailed, because, the game itself is only 320 x 240 resolution. Take a look at these! Be patient, images will take a while to load (65 seconds over 56K, 396KB total, 14 shots). .

Introduction of Ultima VII
Lord British has to send the Avatar
Look at the detailed explosion! Cool!
Beautiful scenery at Fawn, the land of Beauty
This is why U7 is for the matured?
The Icy North with its intelligent creatures
The Blue Boar! Located in Moonshade.
Batlin is striking against the Guardian?
Like UW2, SI has a List Field for duels
Treasure in the North? With dragons!
Introducing myself to this weird fellow
Going back in time brings weird effects
The Avatar trespassing bear's homes
Enjoying a dinner with Fawn officials

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