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Item Hex Codes by Voldenuit:

Read Voldenuit's guide to hex editing first!!! The hex editing guide is about editing for SPELLS, but translates well to items. Just be wary of the same things (dynamic save size 'n stuff). Also, ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF YOUR SAVEGAME FILE BEFORE EDITING!!! Voldenuit and The Pit Crew will not be held responsible for broken savegames, dead pets or bloody noses in any way. Nih!

UPDATE: Another reader sent me a whole load more items. If I ever get around to it, I'll organize 'em a bit.

This list is IN NO WAY comprehensive, but it covers a few interesting items.


GOLRING Gold Ring unknown
BRORING Bronze Ring unknown
SILRING Silver Ring unknown
RING01 Gehraise's Ring +3 Save vs Poison
RING02 Twisted Ring +1 AC
RING03 Traveller's Ring +1 AC
RING04 Displacer Ring +2 AC
JRING Mempa's Biting Ring +2 AC (Cursed)
DWEDRING Deionarra's Wedding Ring +1 AC; +3 AC vs Peircing; +1 Saving throws
WRING Thex's Ring +4 AC; +20 HP; +2 Saving Throws
AEGIS Aegis of Torment unknown
NTOKEN Negative Token unknown
METEOR Ring of Falling Stars unknown
RINGAI Ring of Almost Invisibility unknown
THIEF2 Serpent Ring unknown

AMBEAR Amber Earrings +2 AC; +2 Level 1 Mage spells
STINGEAR Stinger Earrings +2 AC; +2 AC vs. Piercing
CRIMSEAR Crimson Earring unknown
OBEAR Obsidian Earring unknown
DUSTEAR Dustman Earring unknown
ANEAR1 Anarchist Earring #1 unknown
ANEAR2 Anarchist Earring #2 unknown
ANEAR3 Anarchist Earring #3 unknown
ANEAR4 Anarchist Earring #4 unknown
GOLEAR Golden Earring unknown
COPEAR Copper Earring unknown
SILEAR Silver Earring unknown
COPEARO Ancient Copper Earring (Hollow) unknown

MAGGUARD Magus Guard unknown
EMBCHRM2 Dustman Embalming Charm, Greater unknown
EMBCHRM Dustman Embalming Charm, Lesser unknown
INTEST2 Intestinal Phylactery unknown
NOFEAR Dread Bond unknown
MAGE4 Magus Shield unknown
THIEF1 Spider Bracelet unknown
TSILBRA Tarnished Silver Bracelet unknown
SILBRA Silver Bracelet unknown
GOLBRA Gold Bracelet unknown
BROBRA Copper Bracelet unknown
BELL Bell's Shield +3 Wis; +25% Magic Resistance; +1 L1-6 Priest Spells
INTEST2 Intestinal Phylactery +2 AC; +9 HP; Invokes "Heal"
EYEGLAS1 Glass Eye unknown
EYEGLAS2 Angle Less Eye unknown
EYEVECNA Eye of Vecna unknown
EYEKAL Kaleidoscopic Eye +1 Saving Throws; +1 Save vs Spells, +5% Resistance to Magic
EYEKALEM Eye of Kalem'Dar +2 Chr; -1 Wis; +5% Resistance Fire, Magic Fire, Gas, Cold, Magic Cold

MAGE4 Magus Shield AC 4 (only useable by Mages)
JER_FS Jerkin of the Flitting Shadows unknown
AVEST Annah's Vest unknown
BOD_GP Bodice of the Godless Priest unknown
CHASTITY Fall-From-Grace's Chastity Bodice unknown
JER_BR Jerkin of Brazen Rogue AC 4; +1 THAC0
BOD_PQ Bodice Perilous Quest AC 5; Regeneration

FANGMIRR Fanged Mirror Yehcir-Eya Invokes "Soul Exodus"
PIPE Abyssal Pipe Invokes "Cloudkill"
MODMITE Rod of Modron Might Summons 1-3 Modrons
MURK Bottle of Murk Invokes "Blacksphere"
MANACLE Shackles of Light Invokes "Chain Lightning Storm"
SYMTORM Symbol of Torment Invokes "Rune of Torment"

GSKNIFE Green Steel Knife Unknown
GSDAGGER Green Steel Dagger Unknown
EDAG Entropic Blade Unknown
SPLINTER Mad Splinter Unknown
FINGNAIL Ravel's Fingernail Unknown
RUSTDAG Rusty Dagger Unknown
SPIKE Iron Spike Unknown
STILETTO Stiletto Unknown
SCALPEL Scalpel Unknown
JKNIFE Jagged Knife Unknown
KNIFE Knife Unknown
STEAKKNF Steak Knife Unknown
QSTLO High Quality Stiletto Unknown
PSTLO Poor Quality Stiletto Unknown
DAG1 Bone Dagger Dmg 1-6; +1
DAG2 Notched Dagger Dmg 1-6; +2
DAG3 Phantom Dagger Dmg 1-6; +3
ENLIGHT Enlightenment Dmg 2-7; +2; +1Chr; +1 AC
FINGNAIL Ravel's Fingernail Dmg 2-7; +2; 2-12 Poison dmg
CFDAGGER Celestial Fire Dagger (see CELESTIA)
PDAG Porphyta's Dagger (cursed)
CELESTI2 (*) Celestial Fire (*) FOLLOWED BY 8 BLANKS (00) AND A 1 (01)!!!
BLADEIM Blade of the Immortal Dmg 1-3

OBLIVION Edge of Oblivion Dmg 2-9; +2; 1-6 Cold dmg; +50% Resist Cold; +25% Resist Magic Cold;
GRINDER Heartgrinder Dmg 3-10; +3; 1-6 Electrical dmg; +2 THAC0
AXQUAL Axe of Quality unknown
HAX Hollow Axe unknown
AXMAG Enchanted Axe unknown
JESTER Axe of the Jester unknown
AXASC "Ascension" unknown
HATEGIFT "Hatred's Gift" unknown
AX2 Crescent Hatchet unknown
AX Battle Axe unknown
PAX Antler Axe unknown

SLEDGECM Hammer of Communication unknown
BRIMHAM Brimstone Hammer unknown
SLEDGEMG Enchanted Hammer unknown
HAMSLVR Silver Hammer unknown
CLUB2 Vrock Club unknown
FEMUR Fiend Femur unknown
AMACE Blind Terror unknown
DDMACE Death of Desire unknown
FOOLSMTR "Foolsmiter" unknown
REASON "Reason" unknown
OLDARM1 Severed Arm (Yours) unknown
QSLEDGE High Quality Sledgehammer unknown
SLEDGE Sledgehammer unknown
WARHAM Warhammer unknown
MAUL Maul unknown
HAMMER Hammer unknown
PRYBAR Iron Prybar unknown
CLUB Wooden Club unknown
BMACE Baatezu Mace unknown
MACE Mace unknown
PMACE Poor Quality Mace unknown
PSLEDGE Poor Quality Sledgehammer unknown
SCLUB Piercing Club Dmg 1-6 Cr, 1-6 Piercing;+1; +3 THAC0
JUSTIFIER Justifier Dmg 3-12; +2; Increases Regeneration
CLUB2 Vrock Club Dmg 4-16; +2; Poisons Target; +2 THAC0

TPUNCH Punch Daggers of True Death Unknown
ZPUNCH Punch Daggers of Zar'Anun Unknown
SPUNCH Punch Daggers of Shar Unknown
MPUNCH Magic Punch Daggers Unknown
EPUNCH Enchanted Punch Daggers Unknown
PUNCHDAG Punch Daggers Unknown
FISTIRON Fist Irons Unknown
KNUCKLES Iron Knuckles Unknown
IRON1 Spiked Knuckles Unknown
IRON2 Siphon Knuckles Unknown
IRON3 Assasin's Knuckles Unknown
OGRGAUNT Gauntlets of Ogre Power Unknown
SHARD Shards of Fate Unknown
MOORIN Punch Daggers of Moorin Dmg 2-8+1 piercing; +2; +2 AC; +1 Luck
SAVANT Mark of the Savant Dmg 3-18; +2; +2 AC; +1 Dex; +15 HP; +25% Locks; +25%
UMEI Umei Kahan Dmg 3-21; +3; +3 Dex; +10% Locks,Stealth, Pickpocket, Traps

FDTEETH Fire Drake's Teeth Dmg 1-6; +1; +3-18 Fire dmg; Immunity to Fire
M3CTEETH Ingress' Teeth Unknown
VTEETH Teeth of the Viper Unknown

CUBE Modron Cube unknown

TTANNAH1 Tattoo of Annah unknown
TTSGRACE1 Tattoo of Saving Grace unknown
TTMORTE1 Tattoo of the Skull unknown
TTCUBED Tattoo of Logik Cubed unknown
TTIGNUS1 Tattoo of Ignus unknown
TTTRIST Tattoo of Trist's Savior unknown
TTTENSHA Tattoo of Tenement Shadows unknown
TTSILENT Tattoo of Silent Coin unknown
TTJUSTI..! Tattoo of Justice's Eye unknown
TTDEATHI Tattoo of Death-in-Life unknown
TTAVERN Tattoo of Avernus unknown
TTRAVEL Tattoo of Ravel unknown
TTBONESI Tattoo of the Bonesinger unknown
TTWEEP Tattoo of the Weeping Stone unknown
TTLOSTIN Tattoo of the Lost Incarnation unknown
TTJOIN Tattoo of the Joining unknown
TTSHADOW..! Tattoo of the Shadow unknown
TTWASTIN Tattoo of the Wasting Darkness unknown
TTSHATLO..! Tattoo of the Shattered Lock unknown
TTREDEEM Tattoo of the Redeemer unknown
TTBETRYR Tattoo of the Betrayer unknown
TTSOURCE Tattoo of the Source unknown
TTCUTPUR..! Tattoo of the Cutpurse unknown
TTRESDED Tattoo of the Restless Dead unknown
TTSILVER Tattoo of the Silver Tongue unknown
TTBBMAZE Tattoo of the Black-Barbed Maze unknown
TTBBCALL Tattoo of the Black-Barbed Call unknown
TTDESANN Tattoo of the Dreams of Es-Annon unknown
TTRZANG Razor Angel Ink unknown
TTSTR2 Tattoo of Greater Might unknown
TTSTR1 Tattoo of Might unknown
TTCON2 Tattoo of Greater Health unknown
TTCON1 Tattoo of Health unknown
TTDEX2 Tattoo of Greater Action unknown
TTDEX1 Tattoo of Action unknown
TTCHR2 Tattoo of Greater Presence unknown
TTCHR1 Tattoo of Presence unknown
TTWIS2 Tattoo of Greater Health unknown
TTWIS1 Tattoo of Health unknown
TTINT2 Tattoo of Greater Revelation unknown
TTINT1 Tattoo of Insight unknown
TTAC2 Tattoo of Greater Warding unknown
TTAC1 Tattoo of Warding unknown
TTMAXHP2 Tattoo of Greater Enduring unknown
TTMAXHP1 Tattoo of Enduring unknown
TTBLOODL Tattoo of Bloodletting unknown
TTACCURA Tattoo of Accuracy unknown
TTTHF1 Tattoo of the Thief unknown

BOLT01 Bolts of Acheron unknown
BOLT02 Acidic Sponge Bolts unknown
BOLT04 Zephyr Bolts unknown
BOLT05 Bolts of Whistling Doom unknown
BOLT08 Jagged Bolts unknown

LENS02 Lens of Inherent Viciousness unknown
LENS03 Magnifying Lens unknown
LENS04 Lens of Confounding unknown
LENS05 Retractable Lens unknown
LENS06 Lens of Seeing Double unknown
LENS08 Lens of Perspicavity unknown
LENS09 Time's Eyepiece unknown
LENS10 Lens of the Horizon unknown
LENS12 Beer Goggles unknown
LENS13 Stealth Lens unknown

KNOTCHRM Knot Charm unknown
CRATCHRM Cranium Rat Charm unknown
CHARCHRM Charcoal Charm unknown
TBCHRM Thrice Blind Charm unknown
BONECHRM Bone Charm unknown
ROCHCHRM Cockroach Charm unknown
CFLYCHRM Corpse Fly Charm unknown
BLOODFLY Blood Fly Charm unknown
DRATCHRM Dirty Rat Charm unknown
BLOOCHRM Blood Charm unknown
CLOTCHRM Clot Charm unknown
HEARCHRM Heart Charm unknown
LORE Charm of Infinite Recall unknown
ADDRTEAR Adder's Tear unknown

NEEDLE Needle and Thread unknown
BANDAGE Bandages unknown
EMBALM Embalming Fluid unknown

AGOODY A Goody! unknown
MAGITM A Magic Item! unknown
BAGOCOIN Bag of Coins unknown
COBBLE Cobblestone unknown
DUSTROBE Dustman's Robe unknown
LAPRON Leather Apron unknown
TONGS Tongs unknown
FHAMMER Forge Hammer unknown
TAWL Thildon's Awl unknown
IORE Iron Ore unknown
GINGOT Gold Ingot unknown
CHALK Chalk unknown
POUCH Needle and Thread unknown
CRAGS Cleaning Rags unknown
RAGS Rags unknown
JUNK Junk unknown
STRAP Leather Straps unknown
SKULL Skull unknown
CHEESE Cheese unknown
PCHEESE Poisoned Cheese unknown
CLIPCOP Clipped Copper Piece unknown
COPPER Coppers unknown

QUILL Dhall's Quill unknown
SPICE Whispering Flask unknown
MURK Bottle of Murk unknown
CRUTCH Pharod's Crutch unknown
DOLL Lady of Pain Rag Doll unknown
BREAST1 Rune of Lesser Warding unknown
BREAST2 Rune of Armor unknown
BREAST3 Rune of Greater Warding unknown
BREAST4 Rune of Shielding unknown
LIMLIM Pet Lim Lim unknown
MANACLE Shackles of Light unknown
SYMTORM Symbol of Torment unknown
WSCROLL Wish Scroll unknown
CEREPARA Kasseg, Cerebral Parasite unknown
BBWAND....c.c Black Barbed Branch unknown
PORLENS Portal Lens unknown
GTOKEN Godsman Token unknown
BBSEED Black-Barbed Seeds unknown
BBCHRM Black-Barbed Charm unknown
BSPHERE Bronze Sphere unknown
P_JRNL Dodecahedron unknown
CUBE Modron Cube unknown
SALITEAR Tear of Salieru-Dei unknown
IMALIVE Divine Censer unknown
MONJUG Monster Jug unknown
DWFMUG Frost-Ale Mug unknown
PIPE Abyssal Pipe unknown
GULLET Stone Gullet of L'Phahl the Gross unknown
FANGMIRR Fanged Mirror of Yehcir-Eya unknown
MIRIMAG Mirror of Imaging unknown
ACID Scent of the Storm unknown
SOHMIEN Heart of the Fosterer unknown
MODMITE Rod of Modron Might unknown
TRELON Ashes of the Pabulum unknown
PSCHARM Quint's Poison Charm unknown
GORDKNOT Gordian Knot unknown

C_1101 Blessed Candy unknown
C_1106 Holy Candy unknown
C_1301 Mechanus Candy unknown
C_2102 Crunchity Candy unknown
C_2114 Frosty Mint Candy unknown
C_2211 Quivering Candy unknown
C_2212 Minaurosian Chocolate unknown
C_2214 Lucky Candy unknown
C_2501 Stinky Chocolate unknown

LOGBOOK Receiving Room Logbook unknown
CODEXI Codex of the Inconceivable unknown
TOMEBA Tome of Bone and Ash unknown
FINNOTE Fin Andlye's Notes unknown
STRDIARY Strahan's Diary unknown
SKINSCRP Reminder Note unknown
SKJOURN Bone-Framed Journal unknown
FINBOOK Finam's Book unknown
DLEGACY1 Deionarra's Legacy unknown
DLEGACY2 Healing Scroll unknown
SCTRAP Suspicious Sealed Scroll unknown
KESTLEG Kester's Legacy unknown
TASKLIST Mortuary Task List unknown
NPHAROD Ragged Note from Pharod unknown
ACLUE A Clue! unknown
CRUMLEG Crumblepeg's Legacy unknown
DREMIND Mortuary Reminder Message unknown

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