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Work place for the Dead

This game, comparable to Ultima VII in terms of plot and features, has managed to get me hooked. You can't die, except in extreme cases. You develop your character in the game itself. Their quote "You're a power to be reckoned with. Unfortunately so is everyone else". Everyone Else? Zombies and thugs aren't That a power to be reckoned with!

Although sites dedicated to this game already exist out there, I just completed this game and feel like contributing something to the Planescape community. Consisting of Torment Info, Cool Stuff, Game Extracts, Hints & Cheats, Sounds & Music, Useful Docs and Files, Wallpapers and numerous walkthroughs, Torment has a lot of fan work done for it.

What's New

The latest updates, and stuff done to this section only.

January 13 2002, 2000 GMT+8

September 13 2001, 2118 GMT+8

  • Updated links to The Pit
  • Updated Dan Simpson's walkthrough and Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's FAQ.

April 21 2001, 2250 GMT+8

  • Updated Dan Simpson's walkthrough.

March 11 2001, 2200 GMT+8

  • Redesign of the site. Content is still the same, although some parts were edited

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