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Cool Documents

IRC Planescape: Torment chat.

A record of the IRC chat held. During that time, people can ask any question about the game. It hasn't been released then. Check it out, contains humour too.

(168 KB)

Read this!

Planescape: Torment Quotes by Sorcerer

A list of some of our favourite quotes from the game.


Interviews with Torment Staff by The Pit

Interviews done with sound developer, writers and programmers by Calis and Seamus. Check it out!


Fan-Created Fiction Stories @ The Pit

Lots of user submitted stories, plays and comedies here. Time to have some relaxation.


Fan-Created Fiction Comedy Interviews by Becker

A true website. Here, Becker creates funny interviews with humour in them. Check it out!


Planescape Torment Story by Rhys Hess

An excellent work by Rhys Hess of converting the whole game to a story, complete with dialogues and an expert writer. You got to check this out. There are 4 versions to download:

Word Formatted with Margin+Cover
Download this!
(456 KB)

Word Formatted by Phagga
Download this!

426 KB)
Text Single-Line paragraphs +Cover
Download this!
(356 KB)
PDF with separate cover page
Download this!
(1.41 MB)

Desktop Enhancements

Winamp Skin from Winamp.Com

A 3-star skin of Planescape Torment. Surprisingly, this is the only Planescape Torment skin at Winamp.Com. Download + Install.

(257 KB)

Download this!

Desktop Themes by Mridalmn

Two desktop themes, using extracts from the core Planescape: Torment files, complete with cursors, backgrounds, Startup logo and Shutdown logo. Download from Fileplanet.

(1.96 MB)(2.51 MB)

Download this!

Download this!

Planescape Torment Videos

Torment Trailer

The Planescape Torment Teaser 15 MB with Scenes that never appeared in the final game, check it out! 2 links. AVI version.

(15 MB)

Download this!

Download this!

Torment Trailer

An incredible trailer for this game with extracts from the cut scenes, cool spell effects .. check it out.

(14.7 MB)

Download this!

E3 Fancified MPEG Movie

Lots of the scenes you saw from the original trailer in addition to cool shots of gameplay. I'm telling you -- you see where every one of those extra megs gets put in. 2 links.

(20.5 MB)

Download this!

Download this!

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