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Planescape Torment > Sounds & Music

MIDI Music

I wasn't able to collect the whole collection of MIDIs, only found one bit here, another bit there . .you get the idea. All in all, I managed to get 8 midis total.

Battle Type One Introduction
Battle Type Two Mood
Battle Type Three Options
Hades Torment

Download the whole collection: Download this!

MP3/WAV Sounds & Music

The mp3s provided below are basically coverted from ACM to WAV. Most of the sites have disappeared, thus the small list. Extract the wavs from your games using the ACM Converter below, and covert them to MP3 using a software like MusicMatch JukeBox.

FilePlanet Planescape Torment MP3 Downloads

FilePlanet's hosted mp3 files. They only have a few of them.


ACM Converter to WAV

This nifty little utility does a good job with converting ACM files to WAV playable sound files.

(53.8 KB)

Download this!

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