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Home > Ultima VII: The Black Gate > Hints & Tips > Cheat Room Guide by Matthew Francois

Ultima VII Cheat Room Guide by Matthew Francois

		Ultima VII: The Black Gate Cheat Room Notes
                     By Matthew Francois   Fallen Dragon

     I have found out that you can get to the cheat room in 
     Ultima VII: The Black Gate without cheating. Here is a file 
     that I made telling you how to do it and a chart of the
     place. Please give it to anyone and email me if you think
     I must change it. Thank you.

      N          |_|  |:|I have just found out that you can land the 
      |       _       |:|magic carpet beside the second tree at the east
      |      | |  +   |:|side of Britain and walk into the tree to get to 
 W----+----E | | +<---|:|the cheat room. You don't have to use the cheat
      |      |_|      |:|program ever again, thanks to me! I have made a
      |           ____|:|chart of the places that the teleporters take you
      S       ___|::::::|so I hope you enjoy! Please give this to anyone but
            _|::::::::::|please leave in the part that says I did it. 
___________|::::::::::::|Thank you. 
        |	     |
        | A B    C D | A) Sphere Generator
	|            | B) Buccaneer's Den
	| E F    G H | C) Special place with lots of goodies
	|            | D) Dungeon Despise
	| I J    K L | E) Cube Generator
________|    ________| F) Serpent's Hold
|            |	       G) The Throne of Lord British
|    M N     |	       H) Dark Tower
|   O   P    |         I) Tetrahedron Generator
|   Q   R    |	       J) Terfin
|    S T     |	       K) The Throne of The Guardian
|_________   |	       L) The Black Gate
	  |  |	       M) Moonglow
	  |  |	       N) Britain
	  |  |         O) New Magincia
	  |  |_______  P) Jhelom
	  |          | Q) Skara Brae
          |_______   | R) Empath Abbey
	  	  |  | S) Trinsic
		  |  | T) Vesper

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