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Keep thine hands where I can see!!

This section is all about Ultima VII: The Black Gate. This page was started on the 1st of September 1999. It's aim is to host every Ultima VII file and document out there in Internet. So far the site boasts over 40 MB of binary downloads and over 3 MB of online text and HTML documents.

Venture into the caves and learn about Ultima VII, get Cool Files, Cool Stuff & Humour, Hints & Tips, Manuals, Map Editing/Viewing, Music, Useful Files, Utilities and Patches and Walkthroughs.

What's New

November 9 2001 1500 GMT+8

  • Redesign of the website
  • Reformatting of Ganesh's Typed Manual. Sorry, it was done when I was a few years younger, so the formatting ain't nice. Now at least it should be presentable.
  • A work in progress: Bugs in Ultima VII .. .find some information here!
  • A new way to run Ultima7 under windows has been discovered! Head straight here!

September 13 2001 2100 GMT+8

  • Updated Dan Simpson's Ultima VII Part I Walkthrough.

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