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Ultima VII: The Black Gate > Useful Files

Slowdown Utilities

Moslo 1.32 Evaluation Version

If you have a Pentium class computer, the game will be too fast for you to play. Get this utility. Slows down your copy of Ultima VII: Black Gate or Forge of Virtue.

(40.4 KB)

Download this!
PC Slowdown Utility

Slows down your copy of Ultima VII: Black Gate or Forge of Virtue. Use this if Moslo doesn't work for you.

(8.41 KB)

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Memory Documents and Utilities

All of the files here should also be able to be run with Serpent Isle.

Ultima VII In Win2000/XP With DOS/Win95/98 by Nelno the Amoeba

This document explaints how to run Ultima VII in Windows 2000/XP. Basically, you emulate Windows 95/98/DOS using a software and run Ultima from there. Check it documentation out!

(105 KB)

Zip Package of General Midi Files, Win9x Utility and Auto Setup

This package is the complete upgrade solution for Win9x/ME/2000* users who want to play Ultima 7 without the need of a MSDOS boot diskette. It also patches the two games to make full use of the GM/GS capabilities of recent soundcards (i.e. : Soundblaster Live!). 2000 requires fast CPU.

(542 KB)

Download this!

Ultima VII Under Win95/98/2000* with SBLive! by Gaseous Dragon

This awesome new utility allows playing of U7BG/SI under a MS-DOS window (full-screen) in Win95/98. Best thing about this utility is, it allows you to use SBLive! * Can be run under 2000 for powerful PCs.

(14.3 KB)

Download this!

Modified Bochs For Emulating Ultima VII by Aquamarine Dragon

If you want Ultima VII to work under Windows 95/98, this shareware program will slow it and even give sound. Instructions are provided in the Readme file inside.

(350 KB)

Download this!
Exult - Ultima VII Game Engine

Due to MANY requests from visitors, this link is placed here for convenience. Exult is a project to create an Ultima 7 game engine that runs on modern operating systems, capable of using the data and graphics files that come with the game.


Ultima VII BG Actual SoundFont Bank

With this SoundFont file, the sounds in the game will sound  just as they are meant to be.

(2.90 MB)

Download this!

Ultima VII Beginner's Guide to Setting it up by Gaseous Dragon

Targeted at people who do not know much about DOS, this document explains everything in detail to get Ultima VII running. Great website! Check it out!


Getting Ultima VII to run by Rancid

This nifty zip file has all the utilities needed to run Ultima VII in normal speed. Includes MOUSE.EXE and MOSLO.EXE, both programs which help you. Fixes memory problems too. Grab it now.

(24.7 KB)

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Memory-Efficient Mouse Drivers

These mouse drivers take very little memory.
Microsoft Mouse - 11K Conventional Memory (Microsoft) 14.3 KB
Cute Mouse
- 7K Conventional Memory (Nagy Daniel) 37.9 KB


Download this!

Download this!

Upper Memory Manager

RDOSUMB. This has been an answer to many a Ultima Fan prayer. It lets programs use Upper Memory without enabling that "protected mode" which Ultima VII despises. Get it now!

(54.7 KB)

Download this!

Ultima Speed-Up Fix by Solrac

This Zip file tells you how to speed up Ultima VII if your computer is too slow for the game. Basically, it makes use of copying the whole game to RAM.

(51.5 KB)

Download this!

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