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Serpent Isle FAQ

Welcome to Feeble-minded Dragon's U7.5 FAQ (Note: this page is still under construction). I hope this answers some of your questions.

  • No one is talking to me! You need to take the knight's test (speak with Lord Marsten) before most people will speak with you.
  • Who's the traitor? Where is the goblin camp? Talk to everyone. Krayg will tell you he's seen someone else when he takes long walks in the wilderness.
    Sleeping Bull
  • My game froze when I got on the ship. You need reload your game and wait until all the other passengers are awake.
  • How do I get things started here? Find out who's ring you own. When she speaks with you about it, join the Cause.
  • How do I meet the adepts? You need to talk with Flindo and get him to make an appointment with them.
  • How do I get to Monk Isle to get the reagents I need? Talk to Bucia about Pothos. Talk to Pothos.
  • I need the wand, but I already gave it back. How do I get it? Use Vibrate.
    Mountains of Freedom
  • How do I get out of my cell? When the automaton comes out, kill him and take the keys.
  • I entered some sort of repeating cavern. What do I do? You can cast Columna's Intuition or just search on you right for an illusionary wall.
  • How do I pass the test? *rolls eyes* Dou you really need help with this? Basically, just do the opposite of what your companions tell you.
  • I failed the test! What do I do? *Feeble-minded grabs the foolish player* SMACK! Find the everlasting goblet.
  • Can I put the keys of Fire and Ice on my keychain? Can I get them back off? Don't worry. They will not join the chain until fused together to form the black key.
    Gorlab Swamp and the Realm of Dreams
  • Is there anything I need before entering? Yes. The crystal rose of love (Dupre has it), the mirror of truth, and the helm of courage.
  • Why can't I take things with me? I found all this gold... It's a dream!
    Northern Forest
  • I can't get in Shamino's castle! There's some sort of field... Let the Hound of Doskar smell Cantra's sword.
    Frozen North
  • There's this gate that I figured out how to open, but the serpent keeps saying I forgot something. Have the hound smell Batlin's fellowship medalion.
    Temples of Chaos
  • What do I do in the temple of Emotion? Talk to the green wall.
  • I can't seem to enlarge that hole that the rat went into. How do I get the key? Cast Serpent Bond.
    Temples of Order
  • Do I need both serpent jaws? No. Take the teeth off Batlin's and put them on yours. Also check Selina's body for a dispel field scroll.
    Monk Isle
  • Can I cure Cantra? No.
  • Nothing ever seems to be happening here. You visit Monk Isle the most near the end.
    Isle of the Mad Mage
  • How do I leave here? Talk to Vasal about teleportation.
  • Do I want Boydon in my party? Yes! He's strong and a good fighter. Just be careful, he cannot be resurrected.
    Goblin Camp
  • Has anyone ever been able to save that poor guard? He will always die. Tote his sorry butt back to Monitor and collect gold for his body.
    Silver Seed
  • How do I dispel the force fields? What do I place on the alter? Lightning whip.
  • I'm in the liche's domain near a bunch of gates but I can't find the key! See that big rock to the left? Illusion wall behind it.
    Sunrise Isle
  • What do I need before entering? Bring the serpent staff, armor, and crown, the three blackrock serpents, and the serpent sword.

Still have questions? Did I miss anything? E-mail me.
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