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Serpent Isle Tips Source: Here

Random Serpent Isle Tips

    Making Play Easier
  1. Sort contents of backpacks. Have the strongest person carry the money, another carry food, another potions, etc.
  2. If you must steal, do it when no one is around, otherwise you'll be caught.
  3. Get the "helpful items" as soon as possible. (listed below)
  4. Get Boydon in your party. He carries a TON of stuff and can take a lot of damage. Just make sure he doesn't die. You can't resurrect him.
  5. If you find a magic scroll inside a temple or some other place of danger/trial make sure you hang on to it. Chances are it was left there because you need it soon.
  6. Save your game often! Keep a backup game too, don't just keep saving over the same one. It can be frustrating having to start the game over completely because you didn't save in the right spot.

Helpful Items
Item Found (SS=Silver Seed) What it does
Helm of Light SS: Inside the maze Everlasting light. No need for fire swords and staffs, spells, or torches. Also acts like a fur cap.
Ring of Shal SS: Fiend's domain You'll never need reagents again.
Keyring SS: From the rude automaton in Serpent's Fang. Any key you find automatically is placed on the ring. No more carrying seperate keys around.
Map Scots outside Fawn Shows you where in the Great Serpent's name you are.
Boydon From Erstam He can carry a ton and has lots of hit points.
Hourglass From the Monk at the beginning. You get it no matter what, I'm just telling you to hang on to it. Can resurrect you and your companions.

Items Taken by the Lightening
Lost Item New Object Where did it go?
Magic armor Breastplate Kylista's house in Fawn
Gauntlets Ring Alyssand, Fawn
Helm Fur cap Frigidazzi, Moonshade
Glass sword Pinecone Hazzard, Frozen North
Blackrock serpent Stockings Stefano
Daemon sword Rock Freedom
Spellbook Pumice Furnace
??? Wine Winery in Moonshade
Wand Apparatus Vasculio, Temple of Chaos
Torches Money Fawn
??? Comb Goblins
Swamp boots Slippers Devra, Sleeping Bull
Bow Skull Skeleton outside Moniter
Dupre's shield Shield Luther, Moniter
Dagger Hand Erstam
Sword Blue egg (a smelly, rotton one too ;) The evil penguins
Crossbow Urn Morgue, Moniter

The Serpent Gates

                         Sunrise Isle     
                Chaos         |         Order
                Emotion       |     Discipline
Sleeping                      |                          Isle of
Bull        Furnace           |          Monk Isle        Crypts
|              |              |             |               |
|              |              |             |               |
|              |              |             |               |
|              |              |             |               |
|              |              |             |               |
|              |              |             |               |
|              |              |             |               |
Erstam       Moonshade        |           Fawn          Northern 
                              |                          Forest 
                    /         |         \
               Enthusiasm     |         Logic
                  /           |           \
              Tolerance       |        Ethicality

    Solving the Temples
  1. Ethicality: Leave money, never give up, and risk your life.
  2. Discipline: Read all the books, then exchange bodies with Petra.
  3. Logic: Red-yellow-blue-red-white. BCOW in front of door. Number four did it. Use dispel field (I never solved that rock puzzle myself!).
  4. Emotion: Talk to the green Wall and follow her directions.
  5. Tolerance: Cast serpent bond to get to the key.
  6. Enthusiasm: This one must not be that hard, because I can't remember it at all. Oh wait! Just go through the maze and get the water out of the well. *sigh of relief*

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