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The Articles section has links to useful articles done personally by Ganesh. Firstly it lists the Top Common Mistakes In Web Design where it explains a summary of the top 10 design issues the web faces currently. New designers always tend to make these mistakes. One of the most common mistake is the Font Colour. The background colour must always match the foreground colour. White text on black background sounds ok. Another one is using Flash without providing alternatives.

Secondly it offers a review of the Iriver IMP-400 Mp3/WMA/ASF/Ogg/FM Radio player with images and his own personal rating of the player. And finally, it is offering IE Colour Customisation explaining how to go about Customising Web Colours in Internet Explorer. Basically it explains how to setup Internet Explorer such that it does not use the colours defined by the designer of the website and instead uses your defined colours. Two colour profiles are even offered for download.

The latest additions being Nokia N-Gage Frequently asked questions FAQ for the Symbian OS and MMC. Covers emulations from vNes to vBoy, white screen of death (wsod), shortcut keys, bluetooth, infra-red, App. closed, System error, usb options and msdriveE.

Pioneer DVR-530H-S is a good dvd hard disk recorder review. Units like the Lite-On LVW-5045, LG units and other models may be better, or have some bugs, but I am sure that there is a better unit out there that has lesser restrictions. The US sibling, DVR-533H-S, has even won cNet's Editor's Pick award, however, I believe the same flaws exist in that recorder too. Still, US uses NTSC so they will face lesser problems than we PAL users do. Multi System NTSC PAL playback problem no zoom, cannot copy DVD to hard drive.

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