Planescape: Torment (Link to section)

Planescape: Torment is dedicated to the classic game. You play a scarred, amnesiac immortal in search of his identity. You awake on a cold stone slab in the Mortuary of the City of Sigil. You have no idea how you got there, who you are, or any of your past identity(s). You must escape and explore the strange world to uncover the secret of your death and rebirth.

Each time you take enough damage to kill a standard mortal, you fall into a deep coma, eventually to reawaken ready for more. The development team has put a lot of effort into reducing the system requirements. It has also spurred lots of fans to create fanworks for the game including comedies and desktop enhancements. Links to sites for the full soundtrack is also available for download in mp3 format. Wallpapers are available to entice your desktop, and if you are stuck in the game some walkthrough guides will assist.

There is also the full story ebook by Rhys Hess available for download at

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