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Walkthrough by Unknown

 Planescape: Torment Walkthrough

by unknown

Direct Minimalist Path (gets you to the end but you'll miss out on much of game)...

I. The Mortuary Through Dead Nations:

 - The Mortuary

Wake up on slab in second floor of mortuary.
Talk to floating skull Morte and have him read tattoo on your back (Pharod and Journal).
Search tables, obtain scalpel and equip it.
Kill Zombie 782 in south eastern corner of room and get Preparation Key.
Use key to unlock door in north west corner of room.
Search rooms in clockwise fashion, speaking to all NPCs you encounter.
Take staircase to third floor.
Search all shelves while avoiding DustMen (say you are lost if confronted).
Locate Mortuary Sanctum Key and piece of junk.
Descend staircase in western room back to starting location.
Return to south eastern room and use key on locked door near stairs.
Descend staircase to first floor.
Travel south west to Mortuary Gate.
Locate Soego at gate and ask him to let you out.
Exit Mortuary and enter the Hive.

 - The Hive:
Explore all four sections of the hive.
Talk to all NPCs with names to find out about Pharod and Journal.
Embark on NPC offered subquests to gain experience if you wish.
Travel west to Ragpicker's Square when done.

 - Ragpicker's Square
Travel west to TrashWarrens portal.
Stop at Midwife's Hut to get healed or to become a Mage if you wish.
Throw your inventory into portal then pass through.

 - Trash Warrens

Travel south east to Bell Tower.
Convince guards to let you pass.
Climb down into Buried Village.

 - Buried Village

Travel north east to Pharod's palace.
Enter palace and speak to Pharod (get Bronze Sphere quest).
Leave palace and travel south east.
Convince guards to let you pass (tell them Pharod sent you).
Travel through gate to Weeping Stone Catacombs.

 - Weeping Stone Catacombs

Travel south west to entrance to Dead Nations.
Search crypts as you go for useful items.
Enter Dead Nations.

 - Dead Nations

Hargrimm and undead minions will take you prisoner.
You retain your inventory and are free to roam, but not leave, Dead Nations.
Leave Soego's Chambers.
Locate Contemplative Skeleton and talk to it.
Return to Soego's Chambers.
Inform DustMan Missionary you've located a skeleton wishing to convert.
Search room when DustMan leaves, locate Hargrimm's Journal and read it.
Locate Hargrimm and inform him that Soego is a spy for Man As One.
Locate a pack of cranium rats and dispatch (kill) them.
Return to Hargrimm and talk to him.
Hargrimm will then talk to Silent King and allow you to leave the Dead Nations.
Do not exit through gate you entered through.
Exit through other gate to Drowned Nations.

II. Drowned Nations Through Finam's House

 - Drowned Nations

Travel to south east corner of Drowned Nations and locate Bronze Sphere.
Return to Buried Village.

 - Buried Village

Return to Pharod's palace.
Talk to Pharod (learn where his daughter Annah found your corpse).
Locate Annah and follow her to Painted Door.
Have Annah show you how to open door.
Follow Annah through door to Tenement Of Thugs where your corpse is located.

 - Tenement Of Thugs

Travel south east, locating Hammer and Pry Bar as you go.
Locate Sybil and have her tell you how to get through last room.
Travel through southern door to Alley Of Lingering Sighs.

 - Alley Of Lingering Sighs

Travel through alley, searching each open building you pass.
Travel south east to gate.
Pass through gate and talk to stone face in wall (get quest part one).
Return to alley and either kill free Daebus or inform trapped Daebus of other's problem.
Return to stone face (get quest part two).
Return to alley and use Hammer and Pry Bar to return two altered areas to original state.
Return to stone face and talk to it to obtain access to Lower Ward.
Enter Lower Ward.

 - Lower Ward

Floating skull Morte is kidnapped by evil magician Lothar if still in your party.
Travel south east to Wrecked House.
Climb down ladder and talk to Lothar (get quest).
Move divan in center of room and descend into Wererat Caverns.

 - Mysterious Tomb

Travel south east through Weeping Stone Catacombs and Dead Nations.
Enter Drowned Nations and pass through tomb door into Mysterious Tomb.
Party members can not accompany you here and will await your return.
Travel towards central chamber, avoiding traps as you go.
Search first three antechambers and collect all three keys (you must die each time).
Enter central chamber (you may need to die again).
Press each wall panel in chamber, reading all inscriptions as you go.
Open central tomb (the skull you seek has been taken).
Exit Mysterious Tomb and rejoin your party.
Speak to all party members to get them to rejoin.
Backtrack through Drowned Nations, Dead Nations and Weeping Stone Catacombs.
Return to Wererat Caverns.
Climb up to Wrecked House and talk to Lothar.
Offer Lothar Soego's head (if you have it).
If not, return to Wererat Caverns.
Kill Wererat leader Mantuok and obtain his head.
Climb back up to Wrecked House.
Offer Lothar one of two above mentioned heads.
Lothar will return Morte to you and inform you that the night hag Ravel made you immortal.
Speak to Morte to get him to rejoin your party.
Travel east through Lower Ward to entrance to Clerk's Ward.

 - Clerk's Ward

Enter Clerk's Ward and solve all puzzles in Vrischika's Shop to locate Ravel.
(Locate Chocolate Quasit, Deva's Tears and Fiend Tongue).
Travel north east to Civic Festhall.

 - Civic Festhall

Locate Splinter and ask him to make you a Sensate.
Speak of your experiences to be accepted to sect.
Ask Splinter to take you to the Private Sensorium.
Locate mage Quell and offer him Chocolate Quasit (he will then answer questions).
Ask Quell about Ravel to learn secret to her imprisoning maze.
Touch all sensory stones and remember results.
Return to Civic Festhall and travel east past lecture halls.
Talk to girl at desk in dorm area to get key to your private chambers in the east.
Travel to your chambers.
Search all cabinets and locate dodecahedron.
Manipulate it and make it open.

 - Finam's House

Exit the Festhall.
Travel to Brothel Of Slating Intellectual Lusts in center of Clerk's Ward.
Search all cabinets and dressers in all rooms and locate Finam's book and Handkerchief.
Exit the Brothel and travel south to Finam's House.
Enter Finam's House and ask Finam to translate the dodecahedron.
Ask Finam for his father's notes when he refuses.
Trade Finam his book for the notes and use them to translate the dodecahedron.
The dodecahedron is your old journal.
Read the journal and locate the number of your legacy at Advocate's House.

III. Legacy Through Curst Gone

 - Legacy

Exit Finam's House.
Travel south west to Advocate's House.
Locate Advocate and ask him for your legacy.
Take the receipt he gives you.
Exit Advocate's House.
Travel north west to Great Foundry.
Show guards your receipt to pass.
Enter Foundry through doorway north of gate.
Travel east and locate Clerk's Office.
Give receipt to Clerk and obtain Unfolding Portal.
Return to Clerk's Ward and locate key to Ravel's imprisoning maze.

 - Brothel

Enter Brothel Of Slating Intellectual Lusts and locate Dolora.
Talk to her (get quest).
Return to Festhall and locate Merriman near lecture halls.
Obtain keys to Dolora's heart by accepting Merriman's quest/ pickpocketing/ killing him.
Locate Montague and kill him.
Return to Brothel and give keys to Dolora.
Talk to Dolora to learn about Ecco.
Locate Ecco and talk to her.
Give Ecco Deva's Tears to calm her tongue and Fiend Tongue to restore her voice.
Ask Ecco about Ravel to learn of Ravel's daughter Kesai-Serris.
Locate Juliette and tell her you killed Montague.
Ask Juliette about Kesai-Serris' relationship with Ravel.
Locate and talk to Kimasxi Addertongue.
Ask Kimasxi Addertongue about Kesai-Serris.
Locate Kesai-Serris and have her ask her father who her mother was.
Have her bleed onto your Handkerchief.
Use Unfolding Portal to enter Ravel's imprisoning maze.

 - Ravel's Maze

Enter maze.
Travel to center of maze, locate Night Hag and talk to her.
Make sure that she admits she made you immortal at your request.
Answer all questions asked of you.
Kill the Night Hag when she attacks.
Travel north east and enter Curst portal.

 - Curst

Locate Traitor's Gate Tavern.
Ask bartender where the deva is.
The bartender will direct you to a person who has a quest for you.
Complete the five small quests you will be sent on by five different people.
After completing each quest, return to person providing quest to obtain key piece.
Talk to bartender after obtaining all five key pieces.
Make sure you are fully rested and ask bartender to send you to the prison.

 - Under Curst

Travel south east through Under Curst to first Curst Prison doorway.

 - Prison

Enter Prison and locate Trias in center of area.
Obtain verbal key to cell block Outer Ring from Trias.
Travel west and use key to open guarded door.
Kill all guards in Outer Ring and locate bone key.
Use key to open door to middle ruin.
Lure all guards to south east wall with Nameless.
Let guards kill Nameless.
Reunite with your party and return to middle ring.
Travel north west to next door.
Locate fat NPC in center of ring and accept his challenge using your best attribute.
NPC will free Trias once defeated.
Talk to Trias and request knowledge to learn of Fhjull The Forked Tongue.
Travel north west and enter Outlands portal.

 - Outlands

Locate Fhjull The Forked Tongue's house in dinosaur skeleton head.
Talk to Fhjull about your mortality to learn of Baator.
Ask Fhjull for aid to obtain spells and weapons.
Enter Tower Of Skulls portal in dinosaur skeleton hand.

 - Baator

Travel south east through Baator to Pillar Of Skulls exit.
Use Reform Party character menu option and sever Morte from party.
Locate Pillar and talk to it about your situation to learn key to Fortress Of Regrets.
Ask Pillar about Deva and how to get to Fortress Of Regrets.
Return to Baator and ask Morte to rejoin party.
Travel south west to red rock.
Obtain obsidian and cut your tongue with it.
Enter Outlands portal that appears.
Backtrack to Fhjull's house and talk to him.
Travel to dinosaur skeleton pelvis and enter Curst portal.

 - Curst

Curst has vanished.
Rest until party is fully healed.
Search all containers for useful items.
Enter Carceri portal in center of area.
Influence all town citizens to think happy thoughts by aiding them.
Rest your party in barracks or distillery.
Travel north west to the Administration Building.
Enter and travel north to stairway.
Ascend to second floor.
Travel south to stairway.
Ascend to third floor.
Locate Trias and attack him until he concedes.
Have him tell you how to enter the Fortress Of Regrets then kill him.
Curst is now returned to the Outlands.
Enter Hive portal in doorway to the north.

IV. Final Level

 - Fortress Of Regrets

Travel north back to the Mortuary.
Convince gate guard to let you pass (or get killed).
Explore second floor until Nameless recognizes Fortress Of Regrets portal.
Talk to Morte.
Rest party and power up.
Enter the portal.
Your party gets split up.
Travel west to the Fortress doorway.
Locate the platform in the center of the room and find the machine.
Pull lever marked X.
Locate three similar machines and repeat process.
Travel east to Trial Of Impulse portal that appears.
Ignus will attack you if he was in your party previously.
Use resist fire charms and kill him.
Locate crystal in center of room and touch it.
You are transported to the Maze Of Reflections.
Convince Good Incarnation to merge with you.
Bluff Practical Incarnation into merging with you.
Fool Paranoid Incarnation into merging with you by speaking Language of Uyo.
Talk to Deionarra when he appears.
Choose to recover your mortality or fight your adversary.
Watch endgame sequence. Enjoy!

---THE END---

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