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Online Walkthroughs

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Walkthrough + FAQ by Nicholas Yu

Quite a good walkthrough, with detailed steps and FAQs. Things such as "how to do a full install" are covered in this document.

(179 KB)

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Walkthrough by Stefanos Koutsoukos

An exciting walkthrough where the author guides you with a happy scent. Comes with item lists, covering character generation points, character descriptions and much more! Zipped Word doc.

(114 KB)

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Walkthrough by Dan Simpson

A very descriptive and neatly organised walkthrough in its preliminary release. Full version. Includes a Glossary. Check it out. Due to the 458KB big size, it is zipped.

(139 KB)

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Walkthrough by Samuel Brown Baker

A PDF walkthrough by Unlike other walkthroughs, this author relates the experience from the Nameless One's point of view. PDF document, so zipped up.

(1.04 MB)

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Walkthrough by Daniel Ralph Herfield

An improvement to the walkthrough by Nicholas Yu. Tells you what bonuses you receive for every statistic, but is incomplete. Expect the full version to be longer and better than this.

(74.9 KB)

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Walkthrough by Daily Radar

This walkthrough is extremely short. Use this if you want to avoid too many spoilers. Remember to enable Word Wrap in Notepad to read this. Text file.

(41.9 KB)

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Walkthrough by Unknown

Another more shorter walkthrough than the one above. The text is in point form. Again, use this if you want to avoid too many spoilers.

(24.4 KB)

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Walkthrough by BahamutZero

This walkthrough is similar to Dan Simpson's also incomplete. It stops at the point of the Dead Nations catacombs. Check it out.

(108 KB)

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Walkthrough by Steve Metzler

Another walkthrough, complete with locations of important items, their properties and identity. Also includes location of party member, finished off in a tabular form. Get it now!

(248 KB)

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