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Planescape Torment Interplay's Official FAQ

Last Updated 12/20/99
When will the patch be out?
Currently most of the people on the Torment team are taking a well earned vacation or are watching the paint peel from the walls of their padded cells. Rest assured that there are still some dedicated individuals lurking about and are still fixing the bugs that you report on the feedback boards. Please be patient and remember it takes time to track down, fix, test, and then retest the patch to ensure that patch will work properly.
When reporting a bug on the message boards.
When reporting a bug on the message board, please be as concise as possible as to why you think it is a bug and how we may reproduce the bug if possible. 9 out 10 times reported 'bugs' are not bugs at all and usually one of the board veterans will set you on the right path.
I reported a bug and it just got ignored. What's the deal?
No, we're not ignoring you. Rest assured that ALL reported bugs are checked into. If you cannot proceed with the game due to the bug you are reporting please check the list below for a work around and if you don't see it on the list try reposting. Sometimes the message board fills up quickly and it is very easy to miss a post.
I can't seem to Level Up (the only thing I can do is hit Cancel after Accepting, and I'm stuck).
This is due to a cursed item you have equipped that is not compatible with your current class. The ways around this are as follows:
1.) Find a store that can cast Remove Curse spell on you to remove the item.
2.) Buy the remove curse scroll and cast it on yourself. If you are a mage do not memorize scroll unless you are of a sufficient level to cast the spell, instead cast it from the scroll.
3.) Find a trainer to change your character class that is compatible with the curse item.
I want to do a full install of the game. How do I do this?
The full install of the game requires a total of about 2.38GB of space.
After you have installed the game via the installer program, do the following:
1.) Create a folder on the hard drive that you wish to install the game data to. For this example we'll create a folder on the C drive called TData.
2.) Now in C:\TData create three new folders called CD2, CD3, and CD4.
3.) Insert Torment CD 2 and copy the entire contents of the CD to C:\TData\CD2. Repeat this step with CDs 3 and 4 copying the entire CDs to their corresponding folders.
4.) Edit your Torment.ini file using Notepad or some similar text editor. This file can normally be found in C:\Program Files\Blackisle\Torment. At the very top of the page you'll want to edit the lines that start with CD2, CD3, CD4. Edit them as follows:
  • CD2:=C:\TData\CD2
  • CD3:=C:\TData\CD3
  • CD4:=C:\TData\CD4
5.) From time to time the game will ask you for disk two to authenticate the game. When playing the game keep this disk in your CD tray. You have now completed the full install of Planescape: Torment
My armor class is permanently stuck at AC 2. What's going on?
More than likely you used one of Dak'kon's spells called Submerge the Will. Here's how to get your AC to return to normal.
1.) Rest for a very long time. This spell is timed, unfortunately something happened to the timer and the game is setting it to some huge number making the effects last for a very long time.
2.) Kill yourself. When you kill yourself the effects for this spell are removed. Don't worry there is no penalty for dying in this game. In some cases it's encouraged.
The manual says I'm supposed to get 1-10 hit points per level and yet when I level up as a mage I only get 1-4 hit points.
This is a misprint. The Nameless One gains hit points as per the AD&D rules and only gains these hit points when he levels up in his highest class. For instance, if you are a level 5 Fighter and a level 1 Mage. If you level up as a Mage you will only receive a token 1 Hit Point. However, using this same example, if you level up as a Fighter you will receive 1-10 Hit points as per the AD&D rules. Here's a rough table as to Hit Point progression.

Levels 1-9 = 1-10 HP per level
Levels 10+ = 3 HP per level

Levels 1-10 = 1-4 HP per level
Levels 11+ = 1 HP per level

Levels 1-10 = 1-6 HP per level
Levels 11+ = 2 HP per level

Modify as needed with high Constitution.

How do I get the game to run in 800x600 and 32-bit color?
Torment runs only at 640x480 with 16-bit color.
Why are the sprites on screen walking backwards?
Unfortunately, some video cards process sprite animations poorly resulting in animations not displaying properly in the game. Contact your video card company and get the latest drivers for your video card. If this does not fix the problem, go to the video options menu in the game and turn on software mirroring. This will allow sprite mirroring to be handled through software rather than through hardware acceleration.

Last Updated 12/17/99
My game seems to slow down at times. How do I fix this?
There are a couple solutions around this:
(1) Save your game and reload it.
(2) Exit the game completely, and delete everything in your Cache folder and Temp folder, and then reload your game.
What are the system requirements?

Required:Windows ® 95/98 CD-ROM
DirectX 6.1 or better
Pentium™ 200 MHz w/ MMX or faster32 Megs of RAM
650 Megs of available Hard Drive space
8x CD-ROM or faster
4 MB SVGA Video Card

Recommended:Windows ® 95/98 CD-ROM
DirectX 6.1 or better
Pentium™ 266 MHz w/ MMX or faster
64 Megs of RAM
800 Megs of available Hard Drive space
12x CD-ROM or faster
4 MB SVGA Video Card or better

I can't seem to Level Up (the only thing I can do is hit Cancel after Accepting, and I'm stuck).
This is due to a cursed item you are wearing. Find a store that can cast Remove Curse spell on you to remove the item, or have someone in your party cast it to remove it. You can then level up fine.
When the game loads the new area it throws me out and gives me the following error F:\Torment\Source\Baldur\infinity.cpp line number 1720 Programmer says: Demand for WED file failed. What should I do?
There are a couple solutions around this:
(1) Load up your previous Save game, and try entering the area again.
(2) Exit the game completely, and delete everything in your Cache folder and Temp folder, and then reload your game.

Last Updated 3/12/99
What is this game?
Planescape: Torment™ is an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons®; (AD&D®) single-player, fantasy role-playing game set in TSR's®; Planescape®; campaign setting.
"Planescape?" What's that?
The Planescape "multiverse" is the setting for the game - but setting is actually a misnomer... the Planescape multiverse is actually composed of a series of "planes" (other dimensions) that rotate around a central city, Sigil, like spokes on a wheel.

The city of Sigil is the central fixture of the Planescape multiverse. Also called the "Cage" or the "City of Doors", it's unique in that scattered throughout its labyrinth of streets are portals (some hidden, some obvious) that lead to anywhere in existence, provided you hold the proper key. It is neutral ground and watering hole for races and creatures from across the multiverse, all under the watchful eye of the Lady of Pain, the enigmatic ruler of the city.

The world of Planescape is a more adult, hard-core fantasy setting compared to other AD&D worlds. The architecture, the people, the creatures -- everything has an edge to it. Belief, emotions, faith, and other abstract concepts actually make their presence felt in reality. In the Planescape multiverse, belief has the power to reshape worlds, kill and resurrect beings, and change the laws of physics.

Uh, great, but what IS this game?
You play a scarred, amnesiac immortal in search of his identity. You awake on a cold stone slab in the Mortuary of the City of Sigil. You have no idea how you got there, who you are, or any of your past identity(s). You must escape and explore the strange world to uncover the secret of your death and rebirth. Each time you take enough damage to kill a standard mortal, you fall into a deep coma, eventually to reawaken ready for more...
The GAME is the character generator
You define yourself through your actions, NOT through a character generation screen. You start the game with the barest of skills and abilities. Your actions in the game define how you develop - you decide how strong you will get, which career path to follow, which skills you will learn, etc. The game allows you to build your character to suit your gaming style.
There ain't a game world like it
The Planescape multiverse is a setting like you've NEVER experienced before. It gouges you with sharp-edged visuals, bizarre adversaries that can murder you with an idea, and strange magics that unravel common conceptions about physics and metaphysics. Explore Sigil, a city of magic and industry, barnacled within the polluted interior of a hollow doughnut where the mightiest angels and the vilest fiends will invite you to tender your views on how mortality affects the physical and emotional relations between the sexes. Manage a party of the strangest allies to walk the face of alternate planes... and count on them to be highly unpredictable. Encounter items with personalities - weapons that sing, get jealous, or even become cowardly when drawn from their sheaths.
I... am... IRON... man
This ain't a game you play 20 hours before you get to cast a spell. You are a power to be RECKONED with! Unfortunately, so is most everyone else. You start out with powers no AD&D player ever had. You're immortal. You've got magical immunities. You can speak with the dead. You can regenerate. You can reattach severed limbs. Despite your leathery, scarred appearance, you have a raw, animal magnetism that makes women swoon.
Id, ego, SUPER EGO
The game is all about YOU. You and your destiny are the focus of the game. You're not out to save the world - only yourself. And if the world gets saved in the process, then fine, but it ain't your problem.
Gosh! When can I play this game?
Planescape: Torment will be out in Summer '99
So do I need to buy a Cray 4500 to run this thing?
System requirements have yet to be finalized, however, we are thinking P166 with 32megs RAM, DirectX, 2MB SVGA video, 4x CDROM, 300 MB hard drive free space.
Is this a fancy shmancy 3D game?
Like Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment is a 2D isometric game. The game screens are ENTIRELY pre-rendered, which means that every screen in the game is designed by hand. Planescape: Torment uses Bioware's Infinity engine, which was the same graphics engine used in Baldur's Gate.

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