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Planescape Torment > Hints & Cheats

Hints & Cheats

Planescape Torment isn't a game that's easy to get stuck. You can get stuck if you try to bypass things which must happen, for example, before killing Trias in Curst, try sending Annah to pickpocket away the sword and scroll. Now, this will make you stuck as the game will not give any dialogue after he dies. Anyway, here are the hint and cheat files I gathered from the 'net.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Official Pre-Release FAQ

Got a question about the game? This FAQ could just answer 'em. Only questions like "What's Planescape Torment" or "What engine does it use" appears here. No gameplay related.

(31.3 KB)

Read this!

Trading, Combat and General Tips

This website has lots of tips for Planescape Torment, complete with good design. Check it out. External Link.


General and whole game Tips

This is another website which collects lots of tips from its visitors and boasts very good design. External Link.


Official Stability FAQ

Facing error messages? Game is crashing too much? See graphical glitches? Head over here and read the FAQ by Interplay itself. External Link.


Hints & Tips

Internet's Hints and Tips

The Internet, as you know, is a world of endless information possibilities. Little small tips get scattered here and there, unnoticed. And so, here are tips I gathered from the 'net.

(41.5 KB)

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Gameplay FAQ by Kraal

All right all right! You having problems with the Game now? Questions like: Can I multiclass? How do I join this faction? Go here, and your questions may be put to a stop. Excellent FAQ.

(52.1 KB)

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Hints To A Certain Game Area

This site tells of hints of game areas. It avoids trying to spoil the rest of the game, by just giving a hint of the specific area you're in.  External Link. Broken Link Checked Nov 16.


JPG Picture Maps by Soulbox

This site has maps to all the areas of the game. You can print them out for your reference. Check it out. External Link. Visit the original website.


Cheat Files and Trainers

Trainer for Unlimited $$$ and Skill Points

Unable to beat that monster? This trainer (a program that runs in a background and modifies the game in memory) will give you unlimited skill points, $$$ and more!

(23.4 KB)

Download this!

Planescape Torment Savegame Editor by Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz

Unable to beat that monster? This editor can modify your SAVE games to more gold, powerful stats and much more! Uses Graphical interface. Check it out!

(1.40 MB)

Download this!
Planescape Torment Savegame Editor by Anders Kronquist

A simpler, smaller and command-line used editor. Comes with the lists of numbers to use to generate that item with this proggy.

(46.6 KB)

Download this!
Planescape Torment Savegame Editor by Karl Stroh

Similar to the editor by Mariusz, this editor has a graphical interface . .and it's Free! Try it out!

(513 KB)

Download this!
Planescape Torment Cheat

This cheat is to be used with the Universal Hint System. You can download the UHS Module for Planescape Torment right here.

(36.8 KB)

Download this!

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