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Planescape Torment > Useful Docs

Technical Issues

How to do a Full Install

Becky guides you people how to do a full install of the game, copying all data to your Hard disk.

(14.1 KB)

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How to do a Full Install (2)

Jake, one of the programmers, has another guide on how to do a full install.

(14.2 KB)

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How to Work around the Slow-Down Bug

The new patch should have fixed this already, but if you still face it, here is a short guide to bypass it.

(13.5 KB)

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Useful Miscellaneous Documents

History of the Nameless One

This file will sure to end your questions about the plot in Planescape Torment. Why is he a Nameless One? What really happened in the ending? Grab it now!

(23.5 KB)

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Planescape Torment Story by Rhys Hess

An excellent work by Rhys Hess of converting the whole game to a story, complete with dialogues and an expert writer. You got to check this out. There are 4 versions to download:

Word Formatted with Margin+Cover
Download this!
(456 KB)

Word Formatted by Phagga
Download this!

426 KB)
Text Single-Line paragraphs +Cover
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(356 KB)
PDF with separate cover page
Download this!
(1.41 MB)

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