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Walkthrough by Drew

Planet Baldur's Gate website's walkthrough. Has a list of factions you can join and how you can join. Walkthrough is in long bullet form, with maps. Check it out. External Link.


Walkthrough by BellaOnline

Bella Online website's walkthrough. Just a Walkthrough, nothing else. Similar to Steve Metzler's format. Check it out. External Link.


Walkthrough by TheLocusInn

TheLocusInn website's walkthrough. Excellent design, good walkthrough with screenshots to accompany it. Check it out. External Link.


Walkthrough by Intelligamer

The Intelligamer website's walkthrough by Kerbe. Okay walkthrough. Comes with map, but it seems incomplete. Check it out. External Link.


Walkthrough by Germany Planescape Website

German Planescape website's walkthrough. Has LOTS of stuff including a complete item list, characters (including NPCs), spells and much more! Check it out. External Link.


Walkthrough by David Ryan Hunt

CDMag's walkthrough. A heavily framed(3) page set within an okay walkthrough, with screen shots and other stuff. Check it out. External Link.


Walkthrough by Gamespot

Gamespot's walkthrough by Doug Radcliffe. Covers specifics such as character generation, allies, combat, enemies and more. Excellent PDF guide also. Check it out. External Link.


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